“Green out of the Box” closed the curtain with the 1st High School of Ptolemaida!
March 21, 2024
Η πρώτη εκπαίδευση των συμμετεχόντων του Περιφερειακού Συμβουλίου Νέων
May 24, 2024

“GREEN out of the BOX” closed the curtain with the 1st High School of Ptolemaida!

The “Green Out of the Box” program in Kozani was completed with great success and enthusiasm during an extremely interesting event that took place on Wednesday 20/03/2024 at the auditorium of the Coventari Library of Kozani. The presence of more than 230 students from ten schools of the regional unit of Kozani, the municipalities of Kozani, Eordia, Voio, Servia and Velventos was in itself proof of the interest and commitment of young people to the issue of environmental awareness. During the ceremony, each school presented the results of the “green” challenge they were asked to carry out, students and teachers interacted with each other and shared their thoughts and experiences from the “Green Out of the Box” journey.
The project was implemented by GO Alive as part of the European initiative EUTeens4Green , focusing on promoting environmental skills, green transition and sustainability in the region.

Through the collaboration with 10 schools of the Kozani regional unit, 60 teachers and 300 students, “Green Out of the Box” was a source of inspiration and creativity for young people, encouraging them to take an active role and address with sensitivity the environmental issues affecting our world.
“Green Out of the Box” represents an innovative initiative of successful cooperation between schools, encouraging creativity and innovation in order to raise environmental awareness among students throughout the Kozani regional unit, motivating them to think out of the box and take active action for a better and more sustainable future!

The challenges the students faced reflected their action and creativity. Using recyclable materials, they created impressive projects and original solutions, while highlighting the importance of recycling and sustainability.
Through these initiatives, the students not only highlighted environmental issues affecting their community, but also incorporated sustainability principles into their daily lives, while raising awareness among their peers.
The Green Out of the Box project is an example of how youth can take action and respond creatively to environmental challenges. Young people are showing that they are willing to play their part in preserving and protecting our planet, making our future brighter and more sustainable!