GO where you
feel most

An Erasmus+ Transnational Youth Initiative

Greece | Italy | Portugal


The aim of the Transnational Youth Initiative “GO Alive" is the self-empowerment of young people in Siatista Greece, Rio Tindo Portugal and San Cesario di Lecce Italy, using Mindfulness, Leadership, and Community Building tools of non formal education, in order to discover their true selves and their role in their community.


GO Alive
...for our mindful development
...for the develpoment of our leadership skills
...for the communities we live in

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. And we want to live our lives to the fullest. Our tribe started with 15 youngsters who decided to take a look at ourselves, explore our lifestyles and learn to use mindfulness tools to discover our potentials and bring them to reality. Self exploration and walking the talk is a key before we go to offer our gifts to our communities.
Since all three stakeholders are active in the province, we wish to enhance active citizenship, social commitment, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of youth in our small communities by supporting the local actions of young people who choose to stay in them and who have fewer opportunities to participate in international education programs and, perhaps, greater needs for empowerment and support.


Insights of project development meetings


GO where you feel most Alive