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Pista Magica

Pista Mágica – School for Volunteering is the materialization of a project designed for several years (between 2006 and 2008). It sprung from the founder’s realization of the need to capacitate solidarity agents, specifically in the volunteering area. Because goodwill is not enough, it is necessary to act with quality and competence.

We are the first School for Volunteering, born in July 2008. This is an innovative project in the social area. It is composed by people with high levels of skills and exigency. Its founders and collaborators have experience and qualification in the area, coming from complementary fields – namely in volunteering, international cooperation, health, economy, management, professional training, and art, among others. Knowledge and experiences pile up and consubstantiate in governmental, non-governmental and business sectors.

Nowadays the association lives a phase of significant growth with many projects at national and international level.


“Educating for a volunteer action that effectively solves the problems in the world.”


We aspire to create the bases for volunteering to be the hands of the combat against inequalities in the world. In the battle for a better world it is also necessary to possess skills.

We want to change the expired paradigm of solidarity that sustains its pillars on “goodwill” to a new and emergent paradigm that should be sustained in “doing-well”.


Volunteering As a personal development and responsible choice, exercised in a professional and committed way. Raising awareness of the importance of the volunteering exercise to rectify inequalities and necessities of the communities. Assuming volunteering as a way of life.

Sharing We are generous in sharing knowledge. We share all the knowledge we have about volunteering, based on our expertise, field experience and scientific knowledge that we produce.

Flexibility We meet our client’s needs, adapting the services to their needs and specificities.


We carry out several TRAINING COURSES for agents of volunteering, whether they are volunteers, aspiring volunteers, volunteer managers/coordinators or organisational leaders. Our clients come from all sectors: governmental, social economy and business. Here are some examples of our courses: VOLUNTEER INITIATION COURSE, VOLUNTEER INITIATION COURSE FOR TRAINERS, VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT COURSE, INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER COURSE, AMONG OTHERS…

Because our Volunteer School is made up of professionals specialized in the area of volunteering and the management and organization of volunteering, we want to be available to support you in a personalized way and according to your needs. For this reason, we provide the CONSULTING service in the areas of the courses we carry out.

As a School for Volunteering, Pista Mágica believes that the change of mentalities is more effective through education. We defend that the EDUCATION FOR VOLUNTEERING is an essential work on the task of creating a new, more selfless, more concerned and more active generation of volunteers. With this purpose, we developed projects that intends to educate children for the practice of volunteering as an exercise of an active citizenship.

Because creating knowledge about volunteering is very important to us, we also create and support the creation of MANUALS and PUBLICATIONS about this topics.

For more information about our projects and activities please contact us to info@pista-magica.pt.

Pista Magica was responsible for coordinating the short-term joint staff training event (4 days) of "GO Alive" in Portugal in April 2019 for the 15 Initiates so as to develop leadership and volunteering skills and introduce social entrepreneurship to them.

Joana Barbosa

If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.

Hi, dear reader. This girl is Joana, she’s 22 and she lives in Porto, Portugal. She told me she just finished her bachelor’s degree in Law but she’s not actually working in that area. She loves to be with her friends and family and playing volley is a constant in her life. I’m pretty sure she really wants to make the difference in people’s life and to feel ALIVE, although she doesn’t know much about her own future. In fact… who knows?

Ana Gonçalves

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

My dream is to create a community center which gives youngsters a chance of breaking the poverty and delinquency cycles by providing them real tools for self-development. I believe the best way to cause a real impact on the world is to change one person at a time and inspire them to do the same.

Ana Luisa

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?

My name is Ana Luísa and I’m from Porto in Portugal. I’m a people’s person with a passion for volunteering and committed to make the world a better place. With my participation in this project I hope to get the tools that I need to work with the youngsters in my community

Sofia Silva

We'll see what else will save me!

Sofia Silva, Social Educator and Founder of a volunteer project to support the residents of streets and people / families with multifaceted realities. Go Alive Project, came into my life to allow me to broaden my horizons and achieve greater learning and knowledge for my self-development and work with the community! To date, it has enabled us to know that the universal language is sharing - friendship - growth. We'll see what else will save me!

Ricardo Lima

"Freely it has been given to you, freely give."

Hi there! My name is Ricardo and if you are reading this, you are wasting your time. Please... don´t proceed with the reading, it's not worth it... I'm just an ordinary guy that studied law and is now trying to find the best course for his life. I've never fought dragons or other mythological creatures and despite all the attempts, I was never able to catch Santa Klaus to sell him on ebay and be rich. Even so, I have a good life, full of difficulties, awesome friends, and decisions to be made. I hope we can meet one day. I want to hear your story!