We are ALL Poets

In a rapidly evolving society, contact with the arts can be an essential and constructive means of personal development, social inclusion and solidarity. Poetry is a "medicine" for the soul!

The aim is through poetry to emphasize the value of the multiculturalism and tradition, as each local dialect is an important cultural element of every region we must preserve.

In the solidarity and social inclusion project "We are All Poets" we engage 18-30 year old participants, some of whom are young refugees residing in Greece, while many also come from environments with fewer opportunities. The project started in May 2019 and has duration of 10 months.

Most of the actions take place in Katerini by young people of the city!
The methodology of the project is based on the principles of non-formal and informal learning.
Finally, our main goal is to raise awareness of all participants and to develop formal and informal skills, as well as solidarity and social acceptance behaviors that we can apply in our environment.

- “Greek Odysseuses”, informal group of young people

The project was financed by the European Program European Solidarity Corps thought the Greek National Agency Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation