VulcanicaMente is a non-profit social promotion association founded by four young women in Lecce (Italy), designed as an open platform creating and offering human, social and cultural growth opportunities for young generations at both local and international level.

VulcanicaMente focuses on enhancing cultural differences against prejudices and stereotypes, promoting active citizenship, encouraging sense of initiative, entrepreneurship and creative thinking through non-formal education activities in local and European projects.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are an integral part of VulcanicaMente’s approach, thanks to its precious collaboration with World Peace Initiative Foundation.

VulcanicaMente is a pioneer in introducing meditation and mindfulness into the youthwork in its local community through non-formal education initiatives like Relax and meditation club. At an international level, VulcanicaMente employs meditation and mindfulness in Erasmus+ projects like Mind Your Mind, a KA2 project which developed useful tools and activities combining mindfulness and nature-based methods for youthwork.

Vulcanicamente were responsible for coordinating the physical mobility of "GO Alive" in Italy of the 15 Initiates for 6 days in November 2018 in order to exchange good practice among young people on Mindfulness, in the context of a blended mobility.

Eva Menichetti

Be the change I want to see in this world

Ciao! I am Eva and I am part of the association Vulcanicamente. I love travelling, meeting new people, discovering cultures, countries and new things, living fully every minute of life. That’s why I am part of GO alive project: to feel alive and to “be the change I want to see in this world”(Mahatma Ghandi).

Ieva Ulianskaite

Maybe you cannot change the whole world but you can definitely change someones world

Lawyer in the Mind, Yogi in the Heart, Unity in the Soul, that's the trinity presenting me at current stage. I do not identify as youth worker, yoga teacher or other occupation, nor Lithuanian, or Italian, or Swedish. I am just a human being like all of us, seeking to be happy and at peace and supporting the ones I meet to live so. Through yoga classes, through conversations in the street or ERASMUS+ projects like GO Alive. Why? Because there are no rules on how to live life, there are no musts and we must free ourselves from the "boxed" mindsets. After receiving my Master's in Law in 2013, (which indeed was making me alive for some years!) I safely locked it in the drawer, let go the expected path and set off for working in USA, then volunteering in Italy, then learning meditation with Buddhist Monks in Thailand and the things just flowed without requiring mental effort-work, friendships, desired experience, only by trusting the path, accepting and being present. What is my suggestion for you, the one reading this? Trust the path and follow whatever makes you alive. What I can offer for GO Alive? Sincere care of people and my knowledge in Mindfulness. Let's GO Alive together?

Jacopo Sgro

If life gives you lemons, make limoncello

As a participant, I participated in more than 15 projects and after a master degree in Interpretation And Translation and 1 year of European Voluntary Service in Portugal, I decided to participate to "Go ALIVE" in order to learn more about mindfulness and leaderhsip, so I can improve my skills for and with VulcanicaMente, creating more opportunities for the local community. My motto is: "If life gives you lemons, make limoncello"

Hanna Urbanovich

Nature and village are the sources of her inspiration

Hanna Urbanovich is a trainer, youth worker and language teacher from Belarus, currently living in Lecce, Italy. Since 2012 she has been participating in organising and coordinating of non-formal educational projects, collaborating with Belarusian and Italian NGOs. She takes part in this project because of her love to lifelong learning and new methods in non-formal education. Nature and village are the sources of her inspiration.

Serena Stefanelli

Panta Rei

Serena merges her care for other people’s empowerment with her passion for foreign language and cultures by combining her support worker experience with her studies as intercultural mediator - currently specializing in translation and interpreting. Her fields of interest include environmental sustainability, social inclusion and self-development. She loves music, crafts, travelling and discovering people. Her motto is: panta rei.