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Welcome to the “Green Out of the Box” program! We are excited to present you this innovative initiative which is implemented by the youth organization “GO Alive” in the framework of the European project EUTeensS4Green. This project is designed to ignite a passion for environmental stewardship and empower students and the wider community to take action. This information pack serves as a guide , providing all the necessary information to understand and participate in this environmental challenge.

“Think, Act, Innovate: A Formal Gamification to Regenerate!”

Meet the "GREEN" Team

"Green Out of the Box" is a project that is led by young group of people, people who want to "change" the world. So let's meet the team

Kozarov Damjan


Andrikopoulos Panagiotis


Fourgkatsioti Areti


Chionos Markos


Perndreca Lediana


Tsiami Vasiliki




At “Green Out of the Box,” our primary objective is to establish a dynamic and immersive educational platform. This platform is designed to foster awareness and cultivate enthusiasm for non-formal learning and education. Our overarching goal is to provide individuals with the opportunity to cultivate knowledge, essential skills, critical thinking abilities, and to apply sustainable practices in an unconventional and informal learning environment. Our ultimate mission is to facilitate collective action, particularly among secondary school students, in addressing local environmental challenges. We place a special emphasis on the realm of environmental education. Our initiatives and outreach efforts will be primarily focused on the secondary school students within the Kozani regional unit, as well as the dedicated educators of Kozani P.E. High School.

Our Green Box movement!

Who are EUTeens 4Green ?

EUTeens4Green is one of the flagship REGIO projects of the European Year of Youth. It offers young people the opportunity to participate in decision-making on EU cohesion policy. Young ambassadors for a just and inclusive transition are active agents for sustainable transition and mitigating socio-economic disparities in territories most in need (i.e. EU regions that are more dependent on fossil fuels or carbon-intensive industries). EUTeens4Green will enable communities lacking resources or opportunities to engage in actions that will better prepare them for the challenges of the green transition.

Details about our BOX

“Green Out of the Box” is an exhilarating and mobile gamification challenge that’s ready to make its mark on 10 high schools in Kozani, offering an immersive two-week learning extravaganza. As students dive into this adventure, they’ll engage in non-formal learning while tackling pressing local “green challenges” and addressing environmental issues that matter. But here’s where it gets exciting – once a challenge is conquered, students become champions of sustainability in their school. They choose the next “green” mission and challenge the next school to continue the “Green Box” journey. But that’s not all – GO Alive is here to provide essential guidance and enlightening “GreenComp” info sessions during each thrilling two-week challenge. We proudly embrace the European sustainability competency framework, “Green Comp.” We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk by promoting sustainability education and lifelong learning. Our vision is to empower teachers to seamlessly integrate sustainability principles into their teaching, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations who will lead sustainable lives.


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