“Siatista Goes Active – Hiking trip”
3rd Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece

“Siatista Goes Active – Olympic Games”
2nd Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece
August 9, 2019
“Siatista Goes Green”
4th Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece
September 28, 2019
On Saturday 10th of August 2019, Greek Odysseuses started from Siatista by bus from “Voio” Municipality. We arrived on Bourinos where “Siatista Mountaineering Club - Bourinos" was waiting for us to guide us during our hiking tour. They taught us all the secrets of the treasure mountain that is just 30 minutes away from Siatista.

So, together, we became a group, we started hiking and we enjoyed the view from the top. The difficult journey to the top automatically generated feelings of solidarity and team spirit. So after we rested, we shared our lunch and we all had a real laugh together, like we did during our childhood years when we could see in others all that unites us and not what separates us.

The people of the Mountaineering Club were always by our side, introducing us to the tranquility of nature and the myths of the mountain’s Fairy.

At the end of the day, the Municipality’s bus driver was waiting for us to return us to Siatista full of new experiences and ready for new actions that can break the monotony of our everyday lives.

So the young people this time showed that there is a way to change your daily life without having to go far, but here in Siatista!

We would like to thank the Municipality of Voio for its contribution to the "Siatista Goes Active ~ Hiking in Burinos" Sport Event held on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

As part of the Greek Odysseuses event the Municipality gave us its bus to safely arrive from Siatista to the shelter of the Bourinos Mountaineering Club. Special thanks to the guide Mr. Fani Voudouris for his excellent assistance.