“Siatista Goes Active – Olympic Games”
2nd Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece

“Democracy and Me”
1st Leadership local activity in Siatista, Greece
May 25, 2019
“Siatista Goes Active – Hiking trip”
3rd Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece
August 10, 2019
Siatista, 9th of August 2019

Another excursion awaited Greek Odysseuses and the youth of Siatista for a dynamic two-day sports activity.
The chapel of St. Christopher Siatista was our starting point. With the participation of young and old, we exercised under the guidance of Noumis Tsi, we found our inner peace under the auspices of Maria Stefanidou and we were familiarized with Erasmus + through Greek Odysseuses, which gave rise to an idea that was finally successfully implemented, and the day ended with smiles and prizes for the participating teams.

As part of the Greek Odysseuses event, Noumis performed a 45-minute bodybuilding training program, so young people in the area were able to train in pairs with steps and ground exercises, as well as test their strength doing planks!