“Democracy and Me”
1st Leadership local activity in Siatista, Greece

Leadership Training Mobility in Portugal
April 30, 2019
“Siatista Goes Active – Olympic Games”
2nd Leadership Local Activity in Siatista, Greece
August 9, 2019
On Saturday 25th of May 2019, the day before the European elections, young people from Siatista met at the Local Library (Spiritual Center) to analyze the existing situations in 4 areas of daily life in the city and to work n 4 committees to propose solutions and ideas for their improvement!

Committee: Youth Entrepreneurship

As part of the European event "Democracy and I", the committee of "Youth Entrepreneurship” was defined the previous days and its members were selected based on their own preferences and interests, composed by Tasos Gravas, George Gravas, George Kotenidis, George Deligiannis, Anna Maniou and the team coordinator was Markos Chionos.
Through introductory games and team development, the committee focused on Extroversion as the characteristic that must be developed in order to improve the entrepreneurship of young people in Siatista.
Our ultimate goal is to design and present a project that will focus on and will succeed promotes the extroversion of young people, who want to get involved in entrepreneurship, aged between 22 and 35 years old, we used the technique of "tree" where the trunk is the goal to be achieved, the roots represent the difficulties that must transcend and reverse to reach the leaves of the tree that represent the beneficial results of achieving our goal.
Through discussion, exchange ideas and brainstorming we chose as the need for: experiential youth education, activism, initiative support, family support personal business choices, interpersonal relationships, progressiveness and innovation thinking. As a result of the development of extroversion among young people we agreed, among others others, in: strengthening critical capacity, collegiality and cooperation, creating new jobs of work, attraction of funds, business adaptation of tradition to the modern needs, raising living standards, respecting and upgrading the local natural environment.
Thus, the project proposed is about the implementation of an international training course involving 30 young people from Siatista and 2 other towns abroad which have similar business and professional features with ours, specializing in a particular finance industry (such as Siatista has fur and wine production).
During 3 trainings will be held in equal number of local educational trips where trainers will be specialists and experts in the field.

The aim of the project will be to exchange good practices from development, development and adapting to the contemporary environment of the local professions so that we can choose new ideas and techniques to upgrade the production and promotion of our local products. Also, the result of the project will be to produce a manual containing them best practices and techniques, which will be distributed to local entrepreneurs, professionals and schools in our area.
Finally, our additional goal is to develop professional network with the other 2 cities for further cooperation.
Our committee has suggested seeking funding for the project from related programs of the European Union, as well as from charitable institutions of Siatista. Finally, after all we set up the project team and set the roles for each of us to propose as indicative start date of the program in March 2020 and its duration, 1 year.


Committee: Tourism

The members of the committee were Agni, Anastasia, Christina and Giannis and the Team Leader was Dimitris Batsis.

The first stage aimed at getting to know the members better was to say our names and say something we like from the original letter of our name.
In the second stage we played a team game to get to know each other better bulding (killers and police officers) which aimed at better cooperation of group in later exercise.

Using the Problem Tree method we recorded 6 basic problems that tourism in Siatista nowadays.
These problems are
1) Poorly maintained mansions,
2) Provided fur sale,
3) Lack of retail local products
4) Accommodation / Hosting
5) Local Cuisine
6) A tour / information

and also 6 consequences of these which are
1) False impression / image,
2) Reduced sales,
3) Loss cultural heritage,
4) Tourist attraction,
5) Common tastes,
6) Disorientation.

Then we came up with solutions to the above problems which are
1) Maintenance of mansions by a volunteer youth group and promoted through social media to attract more tourists,
2) Modernize the promotion and sale of fur which will be achieved through marketing seminars on fur and how to use it BIO.PA as a sales / exhibition space;
3) Supporting the authorities to companies with specific financial support programs and also by promoting / selling our local products to other countries / cities,
4) Exploit the hotels with qualified staff and
5) View local cuisine by adding local dishes to each dining area, adding of Siatista cooks and with the organization of food festivals,
6) Volunteer Guides who can work with tourists agencies and can also help put signs on various points to better orient the tourist.

Its members have generally worked together to achieve this of the above solutions and troubleshooting. In the end we decided on the idea of ​​Agni to present our ideas by role playing method.

Committee: Environment and recycling

Maria Stefanidou Our team chose to deal with Siatista's pollution and the disaster to the natural environment. The participants win this committee were: Alexandra Tsioukra, Tasos Goudras Katsiris, Aneta Dokou and Chrysoula Klisiari and the coordinator was Maria Stefanidou. The name of the group is "Green Siatista".

We started dating by saying our names and playing the game "2 Truths and 1 lie "to get to know each other and" pass the orange the bottle "to break ice.

We then brainstormed on the subject of the environment and analyzed the pollution and destruction of the environment by the Problem Tree method.

The root of the problem lies in the wrong mentality and lack of ecology and so the solution suggested is to organize one in Siatista, entitled "Green Sunday", which will be attended by 30 volunteers, who will work in 3 groups throughout the morning, throughout Siatista:
1 /. Tree planting team
2 /. Rubbish collection team
3 /. Passers-by group on recycling, environmental pollution, reduction use of vehicles
Then at noon all volunteers will gather for report and lunch, and the evening will be an open event at the General High School Dancing with music, food and various interactive games for all ages concern the protection of the environment, e.g. blind where your audience tells you who recycling bin to close eyes with different parts of a package.

When we came up with the idea, the team worked on the part of its presentation, preparing a role playing role playing in a radio station where were informed about the "Green Sunday" event.


Committee: Sports

Our team has chosen to deal with the subject of Sport in Siatista. The people who make up this committee were: Ioanna Tsioukra, Thanasis Katsiris, Panos Kakoulis and Fotis Itas and the coordinator was Vivian Lada.

At first we went through the stage of identifying the people in the group (names and a little discussion on what each of us is doing). Then, we played two team building games so that the team could bond and be able to perform in the best possible way (pass the ball, thieves and police officers). Afterwards we worked on the Problem Tree method and the problem we analysed was the inadequate support in the field of Sport.We reached for the reasons that create it, such as lack of funding, incentives and expertise staff and finally we talked about the consequences of the problem (no sports facilities are used to the full, they do not take place in sports events etc.).

At a later stage, we went on to find a solution to address all these consequences.
Our suggestion is to organize a three-day sporting event. Initially, the day 1 will include introductory activities and team building games as well as neighborhood games so that participants get to know each other and to divide into groups. In the end there will be an interactive dinner in which a healthy diet expert will organise a workshop for the participants.
On the second day teams will be invited to play a dozen, combined sports activities with the game, and in the end the winning team will win a prize.
The final day will include hiking and climbing on Bourinos Mountain, with training and guidance of the Siatista Mountaineering Club and Runners. At the top of the shelter there will be a party with food, barbeque, fruit and vegetables and of course dj and lots of music. All of them will be commemorated participants during the celebration.

Our idea was called Siatista Goes Active. When we came up with the idea, the team worked on the part of its presentation, by choosing the role playing method.

In the end our team was selected as the best presentation- idea.