Leadership Training Mobility in Portugal

Mindfulness Day 2 in Siatista, Greece
March 23, 2019
“Democracy and Me”
1st Leadership local activity in Siatista, Greece
May 25, 2019
The training event in Oporto had the main goal to empower the participants with knowledge about leadership, volunteering and social entrepreneurship. The 15 participants were in Oporto since 26th to 30th April. The accommodation and working place were at the Hotel Premium Maia, close to Oporto center.
On the arrival day, at night, we made a reflection process about the online coaching on mindfulness to conclude that stage of the project.
On the 27th, the main topic of training was leadership. During the morning the group reflected about the competences and skills that a good leader should have using a non-formal learning activity called ‘The perfect leader’. We also spoke about different types of leadership, using an origami activity. After lunch we approached leadership topics: effective and non-violent communication, conflict management and team motivation using some non-formal education methods like drawing with eyes closed, brainstorming and also a quiz. At the end of the day participants shared their feedback about how went the day on the ‘feedback wall’ using post-it’s.
On the 28th, we started by explaining what is volunteering and shared some data about volunteering in the world using the ‘line’ dynamic were each participant could place according to their opinions. We also shared the 9 steps of the volunteer management process by Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch. Participants had to order and reflect on the steps. The morning finished in the park with a non- formal learning activity for sharing volunteer experiences and doubts. During the afternoon the participants created, in groups, their own social project following a social entrepreneurship strategy. After that they presented their projects in a pitch format. After dinner, the group had a testimonial session with the founders of Pista Mágica, Sónia Fernandes and Ana Vasconcelos. They spoke with the group about their experiences as volunteers and as social entrepreneurs, but also about the importance of being mindful leaders.

On Monday 29th of April, the group went to Oporto city center for a field trip. The participants were divided in two groups and had to complete individual and group tasks in different places of the city. This activity had the main purpose to show the city, do teambuilding and also consolidate the topics of the training.

The tasks that the 2 transnational groups had to accomplish were:
- individual tasks (each participant had a mission to do in the city and the team should help him/her to do the task),
- team tasks (each group had to go to different places in the city center and discover more about it, the challenges were dealing with different topics related to the training topics) and
- a community task (each group had an empty 5 liters recipient and they had to collect cigarette butts in the streets).

When the day was over (during dinner) the participants received 3 different types of certificates:

1) Leadership certificate that said “It is certified that Go Aliver _______ earned the title "Keen on Leadership and Team Management" due to the incredible performance on Field Trip Game in Oporto on the 29th April, 2019. Don't forget to use those abilities towards a common good. Keep up the good work!”;

2) Social entrepreneurship certificate that said “It is certified that Go Aliver _____________ earned the title "Social Entrepreneurship" due to the awesome job done in Oporto on the 29th April, 2019. You were able to identify community's needs and its possible solutions, which means that you are a step closer to change the world. Keep up the good work!”;

3) Volunteering certificate that said “It is certified that Go Aliver ______________ earned the title due to the amazing environmental work done in Oporto on the 29th April, 2019. The citizens will be forever grateful. Keep up the good work!”.

This way we were able to guarantee that the recognition was referring all the theoretical and practical part of the training.