Seminar on “Mindfulness and Leadership” for local Stakeholders

October 18, 2019
Current affairs
January 25, 2020
On Saturday, November 23, 2019, our “Greek Odysseuses” team organized an Experiential Seminar on Mindfulness and Leadership at the Trapantzio Siatista Gymnasium in the framework of the Erasmus+ Transnational Youth Initiative "GO Alive".
Our team paid great attention and importance to the selection of participants, as we targeted individuals who have a leadership role and impact on our local community. The seminar was attended by the Mayor of Voio Mr. Christos Zevkles, the Bishop of Sisanio and Siatistis Athanasios, the President of the Fur and Furmen's Association Mr. Naoum Botskaris, the President of the Siatista Citizens Volunteer Action Mrs. Eleni Kakali, the President of the Siatista Women's Club Mrs. Eleni Siasiou, the President of the "Alexander the Great" Cultural Association Mrs. Nikoleta Patra, the Director of the KEK “Orama” Mr. Haris Vanidis, the President of the Siatista Mountaineering Club Mr. Sakis Bourtsos, the President of “Gimnastikos” basketball Association of Siatista Mr. Vasilis Tsianakas,, the president of the Football club “Makedonikos” mr. Nikos Ottas the Director of High School Tsotiliou Mr. Nikolaos Katsounis and the Director of the 1st Primary School of Siatista Mrs. Zoe Stefou.

Our goal was to get the participants better know each other, to exchange ideas and experiences and to inform them about the actions of our team. In order to achieve this goal we have chosen non-formal learning activities that promote creativity and teamwork, which we use in all our actions, so that the nature of our group activities is fully understood by all participants.

Initially, the participants were familiarized with the group of "Greek Odysseuses", through presenting various actions we have undertaken, aiming at empowering the youth and creating a network of young people in the community, who are taking initiatives on various issues of the city.
Then, following an introduction to Mindfulness, two activities were organized to make the participants get to know each other better, to feel more comfortable about the journey that was just beginning but also to make an internal review of the personal achievements during their lives.

Our team explained the importance of mindful listening for healthier communication so they can use it as a useful tool for understanding each other in their interpersonal and professional relationships.

In the part of Leadership, which is the human factor that binds a group together, inspires and motivates it to pursue its goals, a workshop on the characteristics of an ideal leader was implemented.

In this, participants were asked to formulate together, through their experiences, a list of ten features that, as puzzle pieces, shape the leader's profile and to evaluate them. After several discussions and exchanges of interesting views, they agreed that an ideal leader should be characterized by empathy, crisis management, vision, determination, organization, consistency, knowledge, communication skills and should be virtuous and insightful.
Finally, a brief evaluation of their experience was conducted and a frank and emotionally charged discussion was held, the result of which was a mutual promise that in the future, starting with our next action on Mount Bourinos, we will work together to achieve the best results possible for the future of youth in Siatista.
Our team has put into practice a challenging idea, and we are grateful for the positive response. The following are some of the participants' comments:

"I am leaving this meeting profited, happy and puzzled about how we will apply what was discussed today ... may God give us enlightenment and power so that we can continue this work together ..."

"I feel your group is engulfing society with knowledge, ideas, opportunities and a European aura ..."

"I have been living in Siatista since 1993 and this has been one of the few times that I feel that something is out of the ordinary in our city ..."

"The local organizations will be with you in this endeavor to put our efforts in practice ..."

"What I felt today I haven't felt before ... This is the first time in Siatista something really good is happening and we all need to support it ..."

“I'm glad to see our students grown to become young people with cultivation to create a better tomorrow for this place ... "
"It's especially sad that Siatista is missing the creative age of 20-30, even those who stay here are lacking in common ... it’s time to make the change."

We would like to give special thanks to the Bishop of Sisanio and Siatista Mr Athanasios, who actively participated and taught by his example of being humble and laconic, respecting your fellow man's views, and always operating in virtue and morality, whilst feeling empathetic. We would also like to thank the Mayor of Voio for joining our event, as well as all the other participants who enthusiastically participated in the workshop.

We hope this meeting marks the beginning of a constructive partnership between the youth and local stakeholders in Siatista, because "if the child is saved, there is hope ...".