Current affairs

Seminar on “Mindfulness and Leadership” for local Stakeholders
November 23, 2019
14 Φεβρουαρίου – Ευρωπαϊκή Ημέρα Σεξoυαλικής Υγείας
February 14, 2020

Poems inspired by current affairs: the epidemic of the new corona-virus which started fromChina, the speech by young activist Greta Tunberg from at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the election of Catherine Sakellaropoulou as the first President of the Hellenic Republic and Prince Harry's emotionally charged speech in which he referred to his decision to leave a senior member of the royal family in the United Kingdom...

"From the sunrise to the sunset
we meet the darkness of death.
Tell me why we are united
only when a threat knocks on our door?
The mother of 1 billion mours.
The Lotus doesn't bloom anymore.
Though, hope never stopped hiding behind the sunset."

- Frideriki Marmaridou, Nefeli Kosmidou, Markos Chionos

"What was super strange
In the cold day, I was feeling hot
With a glass of wine, I was still thirsty
I could smell burn, while smoking was not allowed
There was a little girl singing and the one next to me sleeping
And when the applause started, I realised that I was sleeping too

- Ahmad Jamal Slemani, Eleni Kalaitzi, Redo Majed

"Another day dawned.
One more sunrise.
Hope is born in sun's light, but it will not be lost this night.
Hope is proud today, female.
With a fragrance of democracy, justice and friendship boldly looks to the future.
In the future where every smile is a sunbeam coming out of the abyss of darkness.
Hope came and the day dawned.
Good morning.

- Konstantinos Efraimidis, Hama Barber, Stephanos Zachoulis

Leap of faith

You were born into this life
Prince life is not for you.
You wish your mother was the alive.
You wish your grandmother made you cookies.
You can fall in love
It's okay if you need others support.
It's okay if you don't want media to spy on you.
You were born into this life
You cannot be forced to be someone you do not want to be.
You can't be different.
You can choose your own mistakes.
Sometimes you can take a leap of faith.
You were born into this life
One day you realise this is not you
And it's okay.

- Eleni Toutoglou, Nefeli Pinaka, Maria Stefanidou