Mindfulness Day 2 in Siatista, Greece

Mindfulness Day 1 in Siatista, Greece
January 19, 2019
Leadership Training Mobility in Portugal
April 30, 2019

You didn't manage to come to Siatista (Greece) on Saturday 23/03/2019 where the second Mindfulness Day Meeting was organized by "Greek Odysseuses” within the framework of the "GO Alive" Transnational Youth Initiative?

Get a taste of what happened at our workshop :)

All participants got to know each other, sharing the story of our name and ... of our lives :D We played entertaining games and participated in educational activities based on the principles of non-formal learning!

In particular, the following workshops were carried out:
- Introduction to mindfulness and guided meditation - Maria Stefanidou
- Active listening - Jim Batsis
- Awakening the senses - Tom I. Tomopoulos & Markos Chionos
- The blooming tree of life - Vivian Lada

At the end of the conference, all participants offered clothes and other items at the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Voio, thus promoting social cohesion and solidarity! The appointment was renewed for the next action which will be announced very soon!