“GREEN out of the BOX” welcomed 2024, with an important stop at Neapolis High School!
January 29, 2024
February 12, 2024

"GREEN out of the BOX" arrived at the High School of Velvento - Kozani!

On 25/01/2024, the “GREEN BOX” accompanied by members of the GO Alive project team was transferred to Velventos High School. At the same time, during the online delivery ceremony of the box, a group of students and teachers of Neapolis High School presented the results of the challenge they undertook, which included the creation of 4 copies of a newspaper on the environment. In this innovative way, thinking about their environmental footprint and using the possibilities of technology, the students of Neapolis High School handed over the baton to the students of Velventos High School.

The handover ceremony was followed by interactive GreenComp-based training sessions for both students and teachers of Velventos High School by members of the GO Alive project team.

The challenge for the Velventos High School was to create 4 copies (for GO ALIVE, for the General High School of Neapolis Kozani, for the school of Velventos High School, for the school where the new challenge will be set) of a plan of the city of Velventos with the recycling points highlighted. The instructions from the students of the Neapolis GEL who came up with the challenge included the following:

As part of the “GREEN out of the BOX” project and our initiative to raise environmental awareness, we propose that you create a drawing of your town with the marking of recycling points. The aim is to inform your community where residents can recycle household waste, packaging, electrical appliances, batteries, clothing, food, medicines, etc. Throughout the project take photos to show the progress of your action.
NOTE: Each map (town plan) should indicate the location of the school, town hall, church, police station if there is one, and any other public buildings or landmarks you feel should be included. The recycling points for each category should be marked with a different color or symbol, which will be explained in a “memo”. The plan is not required to have details of the city, but rather the broad strokes that will help someone navigate the city and find the recycling points.

Within two weeks and with the support of their teachers, the students of the Velventos GEL of Kozani successfully met the challenge, creating 4 copies of a plan of the city of Velventos with the recycling points highlighted

The “GREEN out of the BOX” journey continues outside the city of Kozani, giving smaller schools the opportunity to participate in the project, promoting sustainability education and lifelong learning, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations leading to sustainable societies!

Stay tuned as the effort to raise environmental awareness among students across the Kozani regional unit continues, motivating them to think out of the box and take active action for a better and more sustainable future!