November 15, 2023
RE – POST: “GREEN out of the BOX”- Second stop of the environmental journey at the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani!
November 24, 2023

The journey of "GREEN out of the BOX" continues!

This time the challenge was taken by the students of the 3rd grade of the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani.

On 02/11/2023, the “green” box traveled to the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani! The students of the 6th Gymnasium of Kozani, accompanied by teachers and with the support of the GO Alive team, undertook to deliver the “green” box to the next school unit. In a festive atmosphere, the students of the 6th Gymnasium had the opportunity to present the project “Green outside the box” to their classmates and share with them the experiences and learning outcomes of the project. The “event” was also attended by members of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Kozani, as well as the Director, Mrs. Vontsa.

During the 2nd action of the project at the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani, 2 educational sessions were held, addressed to students and teachers. The GO Alive project team undertook the training of the two groups based on the European framework for sustainability “Green Comp” and using non-formal learning methods. In this context, a short presentation of the project was given, as well as a brief introduction to the concept of “green challenges”. Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to participate in a two-hour interactive intervention, which aimed to transfer and introduce them to concepts related to sustainability and sustainable practices. Participants in this activity were divided into groups and were asked to work together to solve the environmental challenges assigned to them while carrying out the mission. At the same time, the teachers who participated in the activity had the opportunity to learn about the “Green Comp” and receive training on it, with the aim of integrating it into their educational work and ensuring its long-term impact on the education of students on sustainability and sustainable practices. With great success and enthusiasm, stating that this is the most enjoyable and creative activity they have participated in their school years, the students of the 3rd grade of the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani, with the support of the responsible teachers, completed it, the “green challenge” that was inside the “Green Box”, as it was assigned to them by the 6th Gymnasium of Kozani, constructing paintings and frames from worn clothes and fabrics, of which one painting was given to the next and one to the previous school. Thus, within 2 weeks, the participants managed to work together successfully and complete the ‘green’ invitation by creating their own green story!

Kozani, 23/11/2023

The GO Alive team stands by the students and teachers, providing guidance and support throughout the project and promoting sustainability education and lifelong learning, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations leading to sustainable societies! Stay tuned for updates on the “Green Out of the Box” project as our box continues to travel inspiring the youth of Kozani to “think out of the box” for a greener and more sustainable future!

The action is implemented in the framework of the European Project EUTeen4Green, aiming to mobilize young people to take initiatives and action towards environmental protection.