The flowers

La libertad (Sacrifice)
September 7, 2020
As if I knew you
September 7, 2020
Day 1
She sat on the balcony and the chair next to her was empty,
the sun had no will and the day was not the same.
Day 2
The bell did not ring
And the girl did not even hear a "good morning".
Day 3
The grandmothers were not sitting outside
and as they used to say "how are you?" ... they did not ask.
Day 4
No planes in the sky
and the dogs on the street are looking for food.
Day 5
The lads did not hold hands
and the girls wore lipstick under the mask.
Day 6
Shee had a great need for someone to speak to
and in solitude to comfort her
Day 7
The flowers she finally found
without whining to keep her company.