The First Implementation and Current Challenge of ‘Green Out of the Box’ in Kozani
October 25, 2023
November 2, 2023

The first box of "green challenges" of the "Green out of the box" action was opened at the 6th Gymnasium of Kozani.

*The first publication of the article is on the page of 6th Gymnasium of Kozani


True to our vision of a school open to society, which receives the messages of the times, interacts with institutions and participates in school networks, we responded to the call of GO Alive – the youth organization active in Kozani – and the Director of Secondary Education of Kozani, Ms. Vontsa, for participation in a new project entitled “Green out of the box”. It is a project that aims to empower students to take action on environmental problems. The box of challenges will travel to schools in the Kozani region and each school will undertake to complete an environmental challenge within two weeks. In this way, students will come into contact, become aware and active on environmental problems by interacting, finding solutions to “green challenges” and discovering knowledge in a fun way.

The first box of challenges was opened on Wednesday 18 October at the 6th Gymnasium of Kozani. We welcomed the GO Alive team to our school, where both students and teachers were informed about the European sustainability framework Greencomp. The IT Advisor of Primary and Secondary Education of Western Macedonia and Pedagogical Responsibility Advisor of our school, Mr. Papavasiliou Athanasios, was also present at the activity.

The dynamic and dynamic way of presentation excited all the participating students, who gladly accepted the challenge hidden in the box along with the instructions and the material prepared by the GOAlive team: making recycled paper with flower seeds!

Already the next day the materials were collected and the first group of students took action.

After completing the action in two weeks, our school team will choose and prepare another environmental problem and “challenge” the next school to continue the “Green Box” course.