RE – POST: “GREEN out of the BOX”- The 2nd High School of Kozani
January 16, 2024
Sustainable Seeds: Unboxing Green Initiatives in Kozani’s “3rd High School”
January 29, 2024

2nd High School of Kozani "Green out of the box" by Go Alive

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Our school successfully participated in Go Alive’s “Green out of the box” campaign, which aims to promote environmental awareness among secondary school students. This is a box of challenges, which since October of the current school year travels to schools in the Kozani region and each school undertakes to complete a challenge assigned by the previous school within two weeks.

On Wednesday 13/12/2023 we received the box from the 3rd High School of Kozani, which assigned us to construct 4 works of art with recyclable or reusable materials on the theme of the environment. We, in turn, on Wednesday 10/1/2024, delivered the box to Neapolis High School, which we commissioned to create 4 copies of a printed newspaper, which will include 4-6 articles on the environment.

The teachers were responsible for the action: Demopoulou Natasha, Babali Anastasia, Kiparoglou Evangelia, Konstantinidou Ria, Papadeli Eleftheria, Perdikaris Spyridon, Rizos Paris and Totsika Katerina.