Radio Interview: P. Andrikopoulos: The “GREEN Out Of The BOX” project is coming to Ptolemaida in March
March 14, 2024
9th and second to last stop for “GREEN out of the BOX” at the music school of Siatista!
March 20, 2024

Music School of Siatista "Eleni Papanikolaou" - Our path to Green out of the Box

Students from the Music School of Siatista are describing their 2 week journey with the GREEN BOX…

“When we signed up for the programme at the beginning of the year, we didn’t know exactly what we would have to deal with. But we thought it would be good for our students to be involved in an environmental action, as they themselves are involved in the ‘European Parliament Ambassadors Schools’ programme, which promotes environmental protection.

As soon as the teachers and students of the General High School of Servia assigned us the green challenge, we all started thinking together about what we could create. At first we ( students and teachers) gathered as many recyclable materials as we could find and thought that they would be useful for the implementation of the project. Then we browsed the internet and books we have on creating musical instruments from recyclable materials. In the end, the ones that seemed interesting to us were too many, so the choice was difficult….

So we thought about making instruments from each group of instruments, percussion, winds and strings and decide from each group of instruments which one we want to present in the final phase. With the permission of our Headmaster we set the times we could all work together at school. We divided ourselves into four groups and appointed a leader for each group. Each group decided which group of instruments they would work on and which materials they needed. And we started….When the construction of the musical instruments was completed, we settled on the following:

1. We can make music with any material or object we can get our hands on
2. We shouldn’t throw anything away, but find ways to reuse it
3. In our school it would be nice to have more activities of this type not only on ecological issues but also on other contemporary issues
4. We can have a lot of fun at school doing such activities, because we learn through action and fun
5. When we cooperate with each other and with our teachers, we have a great time!!!”