December 13, 2023
January 10, 2024

The journey of "GREEN out of the BOX" continues!

The “Green out of the Box” box was transferred to the 5th Gymnasium of Kozani, on November 15th, under the coordination of the youth organization GO Alive in the framework of the European Project EUTeensS4Green. This innovative initiative was designed to foster a passion for sustainability among secondary school students of Kozani and their teachers, based on the European sustainability skills framework “GreenComp”, encouraging them to take action. “Green out of the Box” is going to appear in 10 schools in the P.E. of Kozani, offering a unique two-week environmental journey in each school unit.

The 3rd grade students of the 3rd Gymnasium of Kozani handed over the baton and the box of challenges to the 3rd grade students of the 5th Gymnasium of Kozani. Putting them in a Christmas mood, they challenged them to create 50 Christmas decorations from scrap and reusable materials!

So, during the 3rd station of the project at the 5th Gymnasium of Kozani, 2 educational sessions through non-formal learning were held in parallel time for students and teachers by the GO Alive project team. More specifically, there was a presentation of the project “Green out of the Box” and its objectives, as well as an introduction to the concept of “green challenges” hidden in the box.
– The students participated in the game “Mission Impossible” where they were divided into teams, with each team undertaking a variety of tasks related to environmental challenges while the teachers were introduced to “GreenComp”.
– Teachers learned how the European skills framework “Green Comp” will be integrated into the project in the coming months, ensuring a long-term impact on students’ sustainability education

To make the project more tangible, GO Alive volunteers built a ‘green’ box which includes information about the challenge that they are taking to each school. Over a two-week period, students are asked to come up with a solution to the current “green” challenge, applying the knowledge and skills gained during the training session, while creating a new “green” challenge to assign to the next school.

In order to better support the students in the implementation of the green challenge and the preparation of the next one, the GO Alive team visited again the 5th Gymnasium of Kozani on 21/11/23, to further support the students and teachers in the implementation of the “green challenge”. The students reflected on the daily “green problems” they face, shared new ideas and thoughts and came closer to possible solutions by knowing the “S.M.A.R.T.” methodology. for successful targeting through non-formal learning. 

Stay tuned for updates on the “Green Out of the Box” project as our box continues to travel inspiring the youth of Kozani to think out of the box for a greener and more sustainable future!