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European Solidarity Corps

"The European Solidarity Corps will create opportunities for young people willing to make a meaningful contribution to society and help show solidarity – something the world and our European Union needs more of. For me, this has always been the very essence of what the European Union is about. It is not the Treaties or industrial or economic interests that bind us together, but our values. And those who work as volunteers are living European values each and every day."

Jean-Claude Juncker, former president of the European Commission
September 2016


By the end of 2016, building on European Voluntary Service's success and quality developments, a new programme “European Solidarity Corps” was launched. In November 2018, European Solidarity Corps Resource Centre was established. One of the first tasks of the Resource Centre was to commission a project, a study on the meaning of the concept of solidarity. The project is called “‘4Thought: finding a common narrative on the concept of Solidarity from Research, Practice, Policy, Young people”. It has the main aim to create a vision of what the concept of solidarity means to different people, all the while assisting in implementation of the European Solidarity Corps by making it clearer what is meant by a ‘solidarity activity’.