January 25, 2024
New Station for “GREEN out of the BOX” in Kozani! – “2nd High School”
January 29, 2024

Sustainable Seeds: Unboxing Green Initiatives in Kozani's "3rd High School"

On 29/11/2023, the “GREEN BOX” arrived at the 4th of its 10 destinations. This time, the box was hosted by the 3rd High School of Kozani, which received the baton from the 5th Gymnasium of Kozani.

A small delegation of students and teachers from the 5th Gymnasium took over the task of delivering the “GREEN BOX” to the students of the 3rd High School, presenting the results of the challenge they were asked to complete and challenging the students of the next school.

The handover ceremony was followed by short interactive trainings based on GreenComp, aimed at students and teachers alike. Within a period of 2 weeks, the students of the 3rd High School of Kozani, with the help of their teachers, managed to successfully complete the challenge given to them, creating their own beautiful gardens.

At the same time, GO Alive supports the teachers and students by providing guidance and training sessions through “GreenComp” during each exciting two-week challenge, promoting sustainability education and lifelong learning, thus ensuring a lasting impact on future generations leading to sustainable societies.

Stay tuned as the “Green out of the Box” journey continues, attempting to raise awareness among young people across the Kozani regional unit and motivating them to take active action for a better and more sustainable future by thinking out of the box!

Find more information about our initiative and the Box’s progress on the project page: