The activity is relatively uncoerced;
is intended to help;
is done without primary or immediate thought of financial gain;
is work, not play

Ivan Scheier

Agents of Volunteering

Agents are all the people and
entities who are present and
interact in the world of

Types of Volunteering

Performance Context

- performed within an organization
- includes business volunteer (if out of the working hours)

- designated as social support or help behavior
- spontaneous volunteering, performed as an individual initiative

Areas of Performance

Regarding to context:
in family, in a company, international, national, online and “Volunterism” (volunteering connected with tourism)

Regarding to target groups covered:
Animals, children and youngster, migrant and minorities, disability people, hospitalized people, prostitution, homeless people, recluses, Old people, Victims of Domestic Violence.

Regarding to the types of activities:
Fundraising, management, propagation,Administrative functions, Product seller, psychologic help, calamities, costumer defense, Social Economics, Education, Sports, Justice, Patrimony, Volunteering promotion.

Geographic Dimension

- in the country of habitual residence of the volunteer

- out of the country of habitual residence


Time Scale

Short term: unique and sporadic OR seasonal

Long term: preformed during a long time and continuously.

Management of Volunteering Process

1. Planning the volunteer program
2. Organization of the volunteer program
3. Development of volunteer positions
4. Recruitment
5. Interview and Selection
6. Preparation of volunteers
7. Supervision
8. Evaluation
9. Recognition