RE – POST: Environmental project action “GREEN out of the BOX”
February 12, 2024
RE – POST: “GREEN out of the BOX at the Music School of Siatista”
February 27, 2024

"GREEN out of the BOX" traveled to the High School of Servia in Kozani!

On 12/02/2024, having travelled most of its route, the “green box” was transferred from the Velventos High School to the Servia High School of Kozani. The students and teachers of Velventos High School were transported to Servia by bus together with members of the GO Alive project team, the cost of which was covered by the School Committee.

At the same time, the students of Velventos High School had the opportunity to visit another school outside their community, but also to spend some time in the historical area of Servia Kozani. A special chapter begins for the students of the school, within the framework of the “Green out of the Box” project.

During the handover ceremony of the box at the High School of Servia, a group of students, pupils and teachers from the High School of Velventos presented the results of the challenge they undertook, which included the creation of a plan of the town of Velventos, highlighting the recycling points. They delivered the “GreenBox” to the students of the GEL Servia, continuing the chain by adding another school.

The handover ceremony was followed by interactive GreenComp-based trainings for both students and teachers, by members of the GO Alive project team.

The challenge for the High School of Servia was to create 4 waste bins from recyclable materials. The instructions from the students of Velventos High School who came up with the challenge included the following:

“As part of the ” GREEN out of the Box ” project and our initiative to enhance environmental awareness, we propose to construct a waste basket/bin made of recyclable materials for use within the school halls. The aim is to
to raise awareness among your student community about the concepts of recycling and sustainability in general and on the other hand to familiarize you with the use of recyclable materials in order to reuse them and transform them to create objects that can be used directly in your daily life. You will have to create 4 bins (for GO ALIVE,for the General High School of Velventos,for your school,for the school where you will set your own challenge.”
ATTENTION: The construction of the basket/bin should be made exclusively from recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, aluminium. The bin should be the size of a standard office waste basket with approximate dimensions of Y30xD25.

Within two weeks and with the support of their teachers, the students of the High School of Servia Kozani successfully met the challenge, creating 4 waste bins made of recyclable materials.

The “Green out of the Box” journey continues outside the city of Kozani, giving smaller schools the opportunity to participate in the project, promoting sustainability education and lifelong learning, ensuring a lasting impact on future generations leading to sustainable societies!

Stay tuned as the effort to raise environmental awareness among students across the Kozani regional unit continues, motivating them to think out of the box and take active action for a better and more sustainable future!

Read the experience of the students of Velventos GEL Kozani: